Rahul, a seasoned Producer, extends top-notch film production services to international companies in India. Offering a wide array of production types, including Feature Films, Commercials, TV Production, Documentary Films, and Branded Content, Rahul operates from offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Varanasi. Founding FILMING INDO in 2015, the first dedicated international Production Services Company in India, Rahul's services extend to the entire Himalayan region, covering India, Sri lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan. Rahul also coordinates in Thailand and Japan for any type of film projects.

Starting his professional journey in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, in 2014, Rahul has held various roles such as News Correspondent, Producer, Line Producer, Fixer, Director, and Editor. With a genuine passion for India, he diligently ensures clients have an exceptional experience, delivering first-class services.

What to Expect:

Clients flying in with key personnel can expect a full production services package meeting their high standards. Packages encompass top-quality crew, equipment, transportation, hotels, catering, and all essentials for a successful shoot. India's diverse shooting locations and well-equipped film industry are at your disposal, managed to the highest standards by Rahul and his dynamic team, blending local and international expertise.

Running Short on Time or Budget?

For those constrained by time or budget, Rahul offers a unique solution—remote shoots. Whether sourcing locations, contributors, or delivering edited packages, he leverages modern technology for real-time collaboration.

For all your production needs in India or the Himalaya region, Rahul provides a comprehensive range of services, including Development, Budgeting, Scouting, Film Permits, Scheduling, Transparent Accounting, and more.

Since founding FILMING INDO in 2015, Rahul has been a trusted Fixer in India, serving prestigious broadcasters and film production companies globally. Clients include WILL MEDIA, TALPA NETWORK, TV ASAHI JAPAN, MEDIA ONE, SIEMENS, HOLIDAY FILMS, ARRI FILM & TV, DOORDARSHAN TB, FRANCE TV, MITSUBISHI, BBC, RTL, EBS, TBS, KNN, ABC AUSTRALIA, and many more. Trust Rahul for a successful and memorable filming experience in India and the Himalayan region.