Two Words As Key – Czech Feature Film – India Line Production

Embarking on the ambitious journey of transforming Joseph Formanek’s novel, “Two Words as the Key” (Dvě slova jako klíč), into a cinematic masterpiece, the Czech Republic-based filmmaking team, led by Director Dan Svátek, turned to the seasoned expertise of FILMING TEAM for line production services in India. This blog unveils the behind-the-scenes magic that unfolded as FILMING TEAM orchestrated the production of this soul-stirring feature film, exploring life, family ties, and the profound values that make our existence meaningful.

A Tale Beyond Words:

The script adaptation of “Two Words as the Key” promises to be a mesmerizing journey that leaves audiences speechless and encourages them to delve deep into their own souls. At its core, the film explores humanity’s hidden strengths, humility, and the inescapable fate that binds us all. This cinematic voyage is a search for the meaning of life that transcends the mysterious, where truth dissolves into illusion. The film poses profound questions about what awaits us after death, the true purpose and meaning of our lives, and the essence that makes them worth living.

FILMING TEAM as the Architect of the Indian Chapter:

In the heart of India, the cities of Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) and the scenic landscapes of Manali (Himachal Pradesh) set the stage for the unfolding drama. FILMING TEAM, donning the role of Line Producer, played a pivotal role in seamlessly bridging the cultural and logistical gaps between the Czech Republic and India.

Official Trailer – Two Words as a Key

Navigating the Regulatory Landscape:

The complexity of international filmmaking requires navigating a labyrinth of regulations, and FILMING TEAM proved instrumental in obtaining all necessary permissions. From the India filming permit from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to securing location permits in various states and cities, the team’s meticulous approach ensured a smooth shooting process for the international crew.

Logistics Mastery:

Shooting in diverse locations demanded a meticulous approach to logistics, and FILMING TEAM executed this with precision. From facilitating location permits to managing equipment rentals, drone pilots, and overseeing the intricate details of the shoot, the team’s dedication ensured a seamless production process.

An Ensemble of Talent:

“Two Words as a Key” boasts a stellar cast and a creative team that includes Ivan Franěk, David Švehlík, Daniel Olbrychski, Diana Dulínková, Pierre Richard, Yuki Iwasaki, and the collaborative efforts of writers Josef Formánek and Dan Svátek. The film’s visual poetry is crafted by DoP Jakub Šimůnek, with editing by Alois Fišárek, sound by Ondřej Muška, music by Norbi Kovács, costumes by Ilona Koutková, make-up by Pavlína Žďánská, and set design by Ivo Návrat.


As the cameras rolled in the vibrant landscapes of India, FILMING TEAM’s commitment to excellence ensured that the essence of “Two Words as a Key” was captured authentically. The collaboration between Czech and Indian talent resulted in a harmonious fusion of storytelling, cinematography, and cultural richness. The film promises to be an exploration of the human spirit, and FILMING TEAM’s role as the orchestrator of this cinematic odyssey is a testament to their dedication and expertise in bringing stories to life on the global stage.