Filming Indo’s Role as India Fixer and Media Coordinator for Japanese Media Channel’s G20 Special Feature
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In the dynamic world of media production, collaborations that transcend borders and cultures often lead to captivating stories. Filming Indo (FIXER IN DELHI), a prominent name in the Indian film and media industry, recently had the privilege of partnering with Storytelling LLP for a special feature commissioned by YOMIURI TV, JAPAN. This collaboration saw Filming Indo taking on the crucial roles of India Fixer and Media Coordinator, orchestrating a seamless production experience for the Japanese media channel.

The G20 Special Feature Story

The heart of this collaboration beat in Gurgaon, where Filming Indo, with its expertise as an India Fixer, spearheaded the coordination efforts for YOMIURI TV’s special feature on a Japanese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing company. The storyline delved into the remarkable growth of the company and its visionary success in the competitive Indian EV segment.

Behind the Scenes: Filming at its Finest

As the chosen India Fixer, Filming Indo meticulously planned and executed the logistics of the production. Coordinating with Japanese filming crews and managing the diverse shooting locations in Gurgaon, the team ensured a smooth workflow. The outdoor shooting, capturing the essence of the EV company’s journey, unfolded seamlessly under the careful orchestration of Filming Indo’s skilled professionals.

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The Role of an India Fixer: Filming Indo’s Expertise in Action

An India Fixer plays a pivotal role in facilitating foreign media productions within the country. Filming Indo, with its extensive network and local know-how, effortlessly bridged the gap between YUMIYURI TV and the Indian landscape. From acquiring necessary permits to navigating cultural nuances, Filming Indo ensured that the Japanese media crew could focus on their creative work without any hindrances.

Media Coordination: Filming Indo’s Seamless Integration

Acting as the Media Coordinator, Filming Indo seamlessly integrated its capabilities into the project. From organizing interviews with key personnel to coordinating the shooting schedules, every aspect of the production was carefully overseen. The result was a G20 special feature that not only highlighted the success of the Japanese EV company but also showcased Filming Indo’s prowess in handling complex media projects.

Our role as an India Fixer and Media Coordinator for YUMIYURI TV’s G20 special feature underscores its commitment to excellence in media production. Navigating the intricate tapestry of Indian landscapes, Filming Indo successfully facilitated the realization of a compelling narrative that transcends geographical boundaries. As the industry continues to evolve, collaborations like these serve as shining examples of the magic that unfolds when diverse talents come together to tell a story.

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