With over a decade of rich and diverse experience in the dynamic realm of TV and film production, I proudly introduce myself as a seasoned Producer and Fixer based in India. My journey, which commenced in 2013, has seen me don various hats – from a Journalist for a prestigious National Newspaper to roles as a Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Video Editor. Hailing from the culturally vibrant city of Varanasi, my roots add a unique and culturally enriched perspective to my work. Currently I am based in New Delhi and work across India.

In 2018, I transitioned into the role of a Fixer, and currently, I hold the esteemed position of Head of Production at Filming Indo. Leading a dynamic team comprising skilled professionals from India, the UK, Europe, and Asia, we seamlessly blend local expertise with international production standards. My team, consisting of Production Coordinators and Location Managers with 5-10 years of experience, fluently communicates in English.

Having traversed the diverse landscapes of India and collaborated with filmmakers globally, I bring an invaluable international perspective. When working with me, you engage with someone deeply acquainted with the nuances of India, yet attuned to your needs and well-versed in the intricacies of preparing you and your team effectively.

Recognizing the common queries producers encounter regarding film permits, permissions, visas, and customs clearance in India, I've crafted a comprehensive 'Permits & Paperwork Guide 2023', available for free download to kickstart your journey. Feel free to reach out for personalized advice – your cinematic venture in India starts here.


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Expert Production Management in India

Our comprehensive production management packages are designed to streamline your filming experience in India by hiring us as a fixer in India. Whether you prefer a collaborative approach or seamless hands-off management, our expertise and local knowledge will be an invaluable asset throughout your production journey.

Harnessing industry-standard tools like Movie Magic Scheduling and Movie Magic Budgeting, we generate documents in a familiar format, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process.

Permits for Smooth Filming in India

Navigating the intricacies of film permits and permissions can be a daunting task, especially in a diverse and complex country like India. Our expertise as your film fixer in India ensures that every permit and permission is seamlessly obtained, allowing you to focus on capturing your cinematic masterpiece.

We'll provide you with an official invitation letter and comprehensive support throughout your national permit application process. Additionally, we'll handle all local permit and permission requirements for your filming locations in India, ensuring hassle-free production from start to finish.

India's Cinematic Gems: Locations & Contributors

India's diverse landscape offers a mesmerizing tapestry of filming locations, from the sun-drenched Thar Desert to the snow-capped Himalayas, lush rainforests to pristine beaches. Our location scouting expertise ensures that you discover the perfect backdrop for your cinematic masterpiece.

We also connect you with a vast network of talented contributors, including local actors, crew members, and technical specialists. Their deep understanding of Indian culture and customs will enrich your production, bringing authenticity and depth to your storytelling.

India's Production Potential: Equipment & Crew

India's bustling film production hubs, including Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai, offer a wealth of well-maintained and cutting-edge equipment, meticulously curated by our diligent team. Our extensive network extends to highly experienced and professional crew members who exude a positive and hardworking attitude.

To ensure seamless communication and collaboration, all Heads of Department (HODs) and key crew members are fluent in English. Our team of film fixers across India is either native English speakers or possess complete fluency, guaranteeing effective communication throughout the production process.

Production Efficiency: Travel, Accommodation, & Catering

The quality and efficiency of travel and accommodation arrangements for your film shoot in India play a pivotal role in both budget management and overall project success. Our expertise lies in securing the best possible deals at suitable hotels tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your crew is well-rested and comfortable throughout their stay.

We also understand the importance of nourishing your team with delicious and satisfying meals. Our production catering has consistently received rave reviews from our clients, who often remark that it's some of the best food they've experienced in India. A well-fed crew is a happy and productive crew, ready to tackle any on-set challenge.

India's Cinematic Potential: Casting & Construction

Whether you require a single actor or a cast of thousands, our extensive network of casting agents and film fixers across India is at your disposal to identify the perfect talent for your film production. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the Indian entertainment industry, enabling us to connect you with a diverse range of actors, from seasoned veterans to fresh-faced newcomers. Coupled with the availability of a skilled workforce at competitive rates, India offers an ideal environment to bring your set designs to life, ensuring that your production adheres to both your creative vision and budgetary constraints.

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